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We develop projects that not only remove and reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, but also protect biodiversity and improve the livelihoods of local communities

We are specialized in REDD+

(Reducing Emission from Deforestation and forest Degradation) projects that have the potential to create Carbon Offsets from the Paraguayan Chaco, by protecting the delicate balance of existing forests threatened by humans in this region.

Our Objective

Is to set up a fund to generate Carbon Credits from owned and rented land in the Chaco Paraguayan Region.

We are looking for a strategic partner to join us, who can provide the funds to set up the structure and the first-year operating cost, besides he’s knowledge of the market and relationship with investors.

The team at Paraguay Carbons Ventures has a solid track record built on year of farmland and carbon market experience.

Carbon Credits

+ Farmland Investment

Investing in Farmland for producing and commercializing Carbon Credits combines a traditional investment (Farmland) together with an alternative one (Carbon Credits).

Farmland becomes a solid asset potentially attractive for cash yields, inflation hedging and consistent returns while conserving and sustainably managing forests is part of the next phase of reducing deforestation and forest degradation emissions (REDD+).

By creating financial value for the carbon stored in forests through the sale of Verified Carbon Emissions Reductions Units, REDD+ projects increase land’s value while preserving today’s threatened forests.

A Verified Carbon Emission Reduction Unit represents 1 metric ton of CO2 emissions avoided trough high quality REDD+ forest protection projects.

Farmland is a powerful diversification option for a well-designed portfolio as its returns tend to be uncorrelated with financial asset returns.

Farmland investment returns are based on the potential current income from their operation plus a land appreciation factor which depends mainly on the strategic selection of the farms to buy.

Farmland investments are by nature, low-risk and mid to long-term length and having attractive returns. Demand for farmland can be expected to be strong as farmland is a finite resource, and global demand for food, timber and energy is expected to increase as the world population increases and develops, demanding more and higher quality foods.


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